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What is Enterprising Oxford?

Enterprising Oxford is a University of Oxford initiative to help encourage, support and promote entrepreneurship to our students, staff and alumni by communicating, collaborating, and connecting with startups and entrepreneurs with links to Oxford and Oxfordshire.

We work closely with all entrepreneurship supporters to provide a practical source of information, with a focus on basic information and resources, events and training, real life stories, and profiles of startups, spinouts, and SME’s from the Oxfordshire area.  By providing resource maps, workspaces and networks, we are aiming to highlight the support and opportunities available to our students and researchers.

Enterprising Oxford has been designed to show our students and researchers what entrepreneurship can be, and is open and available for anyone to use and benefit from.




Why “Enterprising Oxford”?

Our definition of enterprising is a composite of related definitions from the article titled, “What does it mean to be Enterprising?”  “showing initiative, seeing opportunities and taking advantage of them”,  “Adaptability”, “Having drive, determination, persistence and passion”, and “Ready to embark on new ventures.”.

When looking for a name for this portal, we wanted something that would relate to entrepreneurship in all its forms, and would be welcomed by organisations connected to entrepreneurship.  “Enterprising Oxford” was chosen to reflect not only where we are, but also the mindset of our students, researchers and staff.

So “Enterprising Oxford” became the title, but what about the strapline?  “Supporting Entrepreneurial Connectivity” encompasses our mission: to help support and encourage entrepreneurship, and highlight entrepreneurial opportunities.


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