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Enterprising Oxford is a University of Oxford initiative to help connect our students, staff and alumni to the entrepreneurial people, places and programmes they need in Oxfordshire and beyond.

Enterprising Oxford connects all of the entrepreneurship initiatives and resources in Oxford in one place.  Whether you are interested in developing your employability skills, or want to start or grow your business, Enterprising Oxford can help you find what you need at each stage of your journey.

Enterprising Oxford

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So you’re interested in finding out more about how an entrepreneurial mindset could help. . . there are a wealth of activities and resources to enhance your skills, develop an idea, meet entrepreneurs and gain experience.  The opportunities are only limited by the time you have. . .


Develop an idea

If you have an idea or are just starting up, check out the opportunities on offer to develop your skills, networks and business.  There is something for everyone here, regardless of your background, type of business, or stage of development.

Grow a business

You have a business which is growing. . . the challenges you face at this stage are very different to when you were starting up.  There are many useful resources and opportunities to help you with this next stage of development, including recruitment, marketing, investment and office space.

What's on

Scientific Entrepreneurship

Scientific Entrepreneurship

This weekly, term-long course provides potential MPLS and MSD entrepreneurs with the detailed knowledge to help succeed in an entrepreneurial opportunity. Learn more

How do you get from an idea to a marketed drug?

How do you get from an idea to a marketed drug?

The TRO invites you to a weekly series of webinars to explore the key steps in the discovery and development of new medicines, helping you to transform great ideas into successful innovations. Learn more

OXIFIED Fireside Chat with Tara Sabre Collier and Marcelo de Andrade

OXIFIED Fireside Chat with Tara Sabre Collier and Marcelo de Andrade

Join us for a fireside chat about catalysing equity, diversity and inclusion in the social entrepreneurship ecosystem. Learn more

Latest news

Wenmiao Yu, Co-Founder of Quantum Dice Ltd

Wenmiao Yu, Co-Founder of Quantum Dice Ltd

Wenmiao Yu, co-founder of Quantum Dice, a pioneering high-speed and secure Quantum Random Number Generation (QRNG). Learn more

IDEA Panel: How Talking About Diversity is Making Entrepreneurship More Inclusive (22nd June 2021)

On 22nd June 2021, IDEA hosted a panel dedicated to ‘How Talking About Diversity is Making Entrepreneurship More Inclusive’ with speakers from the Oxfordshire entrepreneurial community: Dr Mira Kassouf, Nathania (Tanya) Aritao, and Nicole Beach. This panel drew upon their own professional experiences to highlight different career paths for women leaders and discuss key principles for thinking about how women entrepreneurs can champion diversity and inclusion while using their talents for successful entrepreneurship. Learn more

IDEA Bespoke Project: SeedWISE Enterprise Programme

IDEA Bespoke Project: SeedWISE Enterprise Programme

As part of IDEA’s first round of bespoke projects, the programme has provided HEIF funding to MPLS Enterprise  to support a pilot programme for DPhil researchers in STEM subjects called SeedWISE. Learn more

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