Are you interested in creating social change?  Want to develop a social impact idea, but don’t know where to start?  Enterprising Oxford, in collaboration with Oxford Hub, Oxford Social Entrepreneurs, and Oxfordshire Social Entrepreneurs Partnership (OSEP), are pleased to offer access to the Social Shifters platform and Steps to Startup programme.

Social Shifters is a global network of next generation leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs. We are a non-profit organisation, working alongside the Social Enterprise Institute and our global partners to support social and environmental action and entrepreneurship.

Steps to Startup is designed to help you take action on the social and environmental causes you’re most passionate about. Whether you want to solve local or global problems, Steps to Startup will show you how to get your enterprising idea for change into the world. There are 8 courses. We suggest completing one course per week, for a total of eight weeks. Once you’ve completed all the courses, you’ll be able to download a shareable certificate for your CV and LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in taking part in the self-directed course, please send us an email depending on your status below, with the subject being “social shifters”.

If this has inspired you, why not check out the Community Enterprise Awards, which give funding towards addressing inequalities in Oxford.

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