Dr Tiancun Xiao joined Oxford University in 1999, and he is currently a senior research Fellow in Inorganic Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry, Oxford University. His research is concerned on the clean energy and clean process around novel catalysts system In addition he also develops some functional food formulations for chronic disease especially in digestion system. He was co-founder of Oxford Catalysts plc, which was floated in AIM in 2006 at a value of 65 million pounds, and as the main managing team, he involved in the acquisition of Velocys , a Spin-out company from DOE, USA in 2008.
Oxford Sustainable Fuels
Dr Xiao returned to University as a senior research Fellow after Oxford Catalysts plc moved to USA in 2010. He then co-supervised Ph.D student with professor Peter Edwards and co-founded Oxford Sustainable Fuels based on their research in chemical recycling of waste plastics and waste tyres. He is currently a part-time CEO of Oxford Sustainable Fuels.

I was trained as a chemists and received all my education in China, I was invited by the Royal Society to do collaboration with Oxford and become a research fellow after we have developed some robust catalysts, which caused lots of interests from industry. ISIS Innovation (now renamed as Oxford University Innovation) mentored me in developing my ideas and research and help me to do the technology transfer, which made me determine to become an entrepreneur.

My definition of entrepreneurship is that we must have a good technology, which is beneficial to the society and environmental, and have fair demand from market. The technology must be welll managed by a managing and innovative team and successful goes to applications by many people.

When we have new discovery, we always talk to OUI and also do survey from market needs and other possible application, Interacyion with potential customers is very important to evaluate the idea.

Good technology development
Outstanding management team
Network and market links

New discovery and innovation to improve people’s life and health, also good pay

Google , the technology company inspire me a lot,
Dr Mairi Gibbs, from OUI also encouraged me , and guided me from lab to enterprise.

For Google, I am amazed by their continuous innovations and openness, also the market play.

Great team with continuous improvement and innovation in the right area and direction.

Industry funding as well as my own pocket money.

I took part in the Venture Fest in 2005, which I think quite helpful.

Good to be in Oxford, very nice innovation environmental and lots of support from University.

OUI and Oxford University Experts, very helpful. Also Begbroke Science park, another nice place to host new startup.

work hard to develop exciting technology.

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