Innovation.  We hear the word, and it’s used in many different contexts to explain many different things.  But what does it actually mean here at Oxford?  Here is a great definition co-written by students, the Careers Service and the Humanities:

“Intellectual innovation is at the heart of Oxford’s history and future. The collegiate system is premised on the idea of technical, social and cultural advance through brilliant interdisciplinarity. There are many ways in which creative thinking and lateral connections can benefit our research and teaching. The ability to communicate and negotiate between ideas and people, which is at the heart of academic life, has enormous potential for wider application.   Innovation means encouraging students and researchers to exchange knowledge across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, to take risks, and to realise the latent potential of their intellectual capital.  The impacts of our innovation may take many forms, including entrepreneurial activity, social enterprise, or cultural engagement, but all share their roots in a commitment to creative and lateral ways of thinking, connecting and problem-solving.”

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