• The Skoll Centre offers plenty of resources for researchers looking to make a social impact with their work: Research for Action
  • OUI: The Oxford University Innovation traditionally manages the University’s technology transfer and consulting activities, and has recently developed a new action plan (to be announced in September 2018) to support the University’s researchers, staff and students to apply their expertise and research for wider social and economic benefit.

Great news! the OUI Startup Incubator will welcome guarantee companies (non-profit businesses and charitable organisations) and community-interest companies on a case-by-case basis, while continuing to work with shares companies. A team will be built around you to support you, provide you guidance and strategic insights, as well as raise funds by putting your idea in front of investors.

The OUI does not believe in writing down business plans for social enterprises; rather, we work on a case-by-case basis. We help you get your ideas out, find legals, accountants, and funding according to your particular needs and circumstances. Mark Mann, Senior Licensing & Ventures Manager.

  • ​The Athenaeum: an example of success through the OUI Incubator
  • Rich Young is going to launch this early-stage social enterprise to broker improved collaboration between academic researchers and a range of practitioners in different sectors (third sector organisations, government bodies, think thanks, traditional businesses, etc.) seeking new insights or partners to address social and environmental issues.

– The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals will be used as indicators to assess the initiative’s own social and environmental impact;

– Dubbed as ‘tinder for academics’: it will include a match-making app to enable users to post profiles, interests and requirements of knowledge and collaborative partners;

– It will offer Brokerage services (face-to-face) including workshop convening, synthesising and publishing research in new formats (such as blogs/video shorts);

– Exploitation of big data will be key: harvesting and analysing data sets to help match-making, identifying and promoting new potential connections through social network analysis and machine learning techniques;

– Future expansion: the plan is to scale up from Oxford to Brookes, Reading and Open Universities to other universities and practitioners in the UK.



  • Oxford Hub: Learn about impact measurement, and apply your skills to the benefit of local charities through participating in the Impact Labs. Join a team of local entrepreneurs, businesses, and community partners and launch an innovative social impact project through the Social Enterprise Challenge!


  • OUI: There are different ways in which you can commercialise your research in the social impact sector: have you considered making your knowledge and expertise available to external organisations through consulting? Check out the different ways in which you can do so, while OUI takes care of your interests and those of the University.


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