Prof. David Edwards currently serves as founder Director and Chief Technology Officer for Oxford Enhanced Medical Limited. David is the originator of the technology which he developed from his research while at the University of Oxford. OxEML is in the process of bringing to market a disruptive technology that delivers images with the quality of MRI but at the cost of Ultrasound.

I have approximately 40 years’ experience in electromagnetic and imaging technology, ranging from radar and radio to medical imaging technologies such as MRI. I wanted to give people access to high quality medical imaging which until now has been too expensive.

Being able to clearly see the ultimate potential of the product and conveying this to others, and to have a clear strategy to develop a business.

Having been in this area of research for many years and having an extensive knowledge of current technologies I was able to judge the potential market.

Ability to clearly convey the potential of your company and product, and convince potential investors and users. Clear goals and enthusiasm.

To see the technology develop from the lab to commercial product, for the benefit of others.

ARM Holdings. I have seen this company grow from a small beginning and I have known one of the key players in its development.

How do you plan for growth?

Having enough resources to achieve the goals and to provide for alternative routes to development.

Research Council grants, University of Oxford investment funds, private investors.

University Challenge Seed Fund. Research Council grant.

I have had the opportunity to be involved in a number of spin-outs and licensing deals. This has complemented my academic work.

Oxford University Innovation.

You need lots of energy and foresight!



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