Prabh Simran Bada is the founder of Chirrup, an insect flour based cookie company. The use of sustainable and highly nutritious insect flours in the cookies aims to encourage entomophagy. It is still in the early stages. She studied at Oxford Brookes University.

The dream had always been to build something that has a positive impact. Upon learning about the potential of entomophagy in creating economic opportunities while simultaneously help in solving the global food insecurity problem, I decided to set up Chirrup Foods.

The act of creating something of value which can generate a return in order to be self-sustaining.

The moment when people reacted positively to the cookies and actually bought them. The biggest concern was that the ‘yuck’ factor might be an issue but it wasn’t.

Self belief and motivation
Hard work and discipline
Positive mental attitude

The freedom and the possibilities

Tesla and Elon Musk these days.

What inspires them? How do they go about their day to day tasks? How do they overcome the criticism and naysayers? What tips do they have for other entrepreneurs?

Think less do more. Don’t wait for things to be perfect, make improvements as you go along. Ask people for help when stuck!

Self-funded so far

The community is very supportive.  Very good knowledge resources available too.  The people are nice in general!

The universities are a good place to start. Marmalade if they are a social enterprise. Brookes Graduate Entrepreneur program and the Fab Accelerator have both been amazing sources of support and guidance in the journey so far.

Follow your heart and use your head


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