Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF) works to improve lives by addressing social and economic disadvantage. We tackle the most pressing social problems locally:

educational inequality
loneliness and isolation.

Despite its wealth and success, our beautiful county hides a number of simply shocking and upsetting social problems here on our doorsteps. As part of our work, we uncover these issues and understand what causes them. We then bring together charities, philanthropists, businesses and the public sector to research, design and fund long-term solutions.

Our work is all about collaboration and consensus-building. We make the best ideas happen – solutions to the problems, not sticking plasters. This leads to sustained and meaningful improvements to people’s lives.

In Oxfordshire we see the worst as well as the best of Britain:

Almost 500 people a year sleep rough in Oxford alone, with many more hidden homeless across the city and county

Disadvantaged children in Oxfordshire are nearly two years behind their peers at school by age 16, with 17% of adults in the county having no qualifications at all

Local pockets of deprivation and isolation destroy mental and physical health, with a 15-year gap in life expectancy for men between our most and least deprived areas.

Sources: Oxford City Council Housing and Homeless Strategy, Appendix A; Education Policy Institute and Census; Oxfordshire Insight (Oxfordshire County Council). For more in-depth information about the needs, please see our research report Oxfordshire Uncovered.

We work to improve the lives of Oxfordshire’s most disadvantaged people, tackling our county’s most pressing social problems, including homelessness, educational inequality and loneliness. We realise it can be confusing to know how to invest philanthropically. What are the biggest issues? Which projects will have the most impact? Because we understand Oxfordshire’s social needs and are connected to those addressing them, we can partner with you to give intelligently to proven solutions that tackle the root causes of these issues.

We are uniquely placed to take the lead in improving the lives of everyone in Oxfordshire. As an apolitical and impartial community foundation, with a huge network of supporters and delivery partners across charities, businesses and the statutory sector, we are a trusted influencer and partner for driving social change.

Our donors support our vision that everyone deserves a place to call home, every child should have an opportunity to thrive and everyone should feel a sense of belonging to the community where they live. They give back to their community to help make this a reality. Their vital support makes a huge difference. We know how important it is that this impact and lasting sustainable change can be seen in their community.

At OCF we help you maximise the impact of your philanthropy by harnessing the power of collective funds, expertise and passion, working with our partners for a better Oxfordshire.

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