Show Me the Money! Navigating Government Funding for Startups & VC


Join us for a discussion, co-hosted by OEDC, OENE, and OENY, on navigating non-dilutive funding for startups and emerging companies with entrepreneur Liz Powell, who will share insights on funding resources in government for high-tech and health innovations.

OxEN Industry Overview 3 – Documentary Filmmaking


Join Oxford Entrepreneurs Network (OxEN) for our next online industry overview where we explore the following about Documentary Filmmaking:

Storytelling in theory: brand-building, key aspects and best practices with compelling narratives
Storytelling in practice: video content strategy planning, plot development, and budget planning
Female filmmakers and their passion project

Raising money in the UK vs raising money in the US


Join us for a great panel discussion on the nuances, networks and processes to follow when raising capital in the US vs the UK. You will hear from a great panel of Oxonians from both sides of the pond involved in investing and mentoring startups.