The future of social science commercialisation


This session will explore where the biggest opportunities lie for the commercialisation of social sciences, how academia and industry can look to take advantage, and Aspect’s future plans in terms of driving and supporting social science commercialisation.

Aspect Webinar: Measuring Success

Join the Aspect discussion with an expert panel on how the value and success of social science commercialisation should be measured

Aspect Festival 2021(17th-18th June 2021)

Online event

Aspect Festival21 celebrates members of the Aspect Community who over the last three years of Research England Connecting Capability Fund (CCF) funding have worked together to support innovation, entrepreneurship and research commercialisation in the social sciences.

Workshop on Social Projects and Professional Support for Social Enterprises


As part of the Aspect Innovation Fellows programme, Ser-huang Poon (Professor of Finance at AMBS and Founder of the anti-modern slavery social enterprise Enduring Net) is organising a workshop exploring best practice in social science entrepreneurship and giving relevant tips and guidance related to founding and running social enterprises spun out of academic research, including on issues such as accounting, patent laws, and charity and data protection regulations. 

Launch of ASPECT-funded Ludic Labs platform


Are you in academia? Interested in bolstering your research impact with games?

Join us online July 1st, 12:00-13:45, to celebrate the inaugural launch of our ASPECT-funded Ludic Labs platform, the go-to resource for researchers looking to bring academic ideas to wider audiences with games.