In this 2-hour workshop led by the Girls in Charge Initiative and co-hosted by Oxford Entrepreneurs, you will be introduced to the topics of Body Language and Personal Branding through a series of games! Whether you end up in a corporate job or becoming an entrepreneur, being able to put your views across confidently is always a plus. Besides, you get an excuse to take time out from your revision and play games for 2 hours!


Body Language:

What you say matters, but also the way you say it. Body language is an art and this workshop will help you understand how to align your words with your body’s movements, honing both your presentation skills as well as your negotiation skills. Knowing how to read others' body language will also give you an extra edge in all sorts of situations, such as interviews and networking events.


Personal Branding:

Knowing who you are is very important, be it in your personal life or the business world. As an entrepreneur, you will be the centre of your business, and the ‘personality’ of a company will be derived from your personal branding. This session will help you explore your strengths and weaknesses, and create your own personal brand through a series of fun games and activities.

This event is open to everyone. We hope to see you there!

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