COURSE AIMS To help all those involved in recruitment of new employees to understand the benefits of having an effective induction process and the costs of getting it wrong. Agenda If employees get off to a bad start and never really understand the organisation itself or their role in it. This may lead to: poor integration into the team low morale, particularly for the new employee loss of productivity failure to work to their highest potential. In extreme cases, the new employee leaves, either through resignation or dismissal. Early leaving results in: additional cost for recruiting a replacement wasted time for the inductor lowering of morale for the remaining staff detriment to the leaver's employment record having to repeat the unproductive learning curve of the leaver damage to the company's reputation. Do you have questions about Why inducting new employees is so important – for Small Business Owners/ People Managers (3/3 workshops)? Contact Belinda Elliott For details, link here:

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