18 September 17:00-20:00

Come and find out! The Global Academy team, and our friends at Oxford Wood Recycling, would like to invite you to a workshop to play the 2030 SDGs game.

The workshop simulates our world between now and 2030 and helps us understand why the world needs the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It includes a card game about interaction and collaboration with people who have different interests and objectives to your own. The experience has become a powerful social, and business phenomenon and now the Global Academy is one of the first organisations licensed to deliver the event in the UK. It's a powerful experience where participants play roles, with their own goals, to change in the world and learn what is needed from businesses and society to create the world we want.

We're using the game workshop to help researchers map their work to the Sustainable Development Goals. Oxford Wood Recycling are also massively committed to the SDGs, so they have invited us to run a workshop in their funky wood and furniture showroom in Abingdon.

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