23 January 17:45-20:00

What if you could go back in time and speak to the founders of world-leading tech companies at the beginning of their journey?

What advice would they share about creating a product, finding a co-founder, putting together a team, and raising investment? What matters and how do you even start? Join us to hear from two ambitious founders on their journey to building a deep-tech company with global ambitions. Both launched their companies within the last 18 months. Tom Pocock launched fintech startup AZTEC Protocol and recently raised seed-funding from one of the most prominent investors in his space. Tomide Adesanmi created Circuit Mind, an AI startup automating the design of circuit boards, just last year. Chairing the discussion will be Matt Clifford, founder and CEO of Entrepreneur First, the world's leading talent investor that has supported founders like Tom and Tomide to build over 170 companies collectively valued over $1.5bn.

Having built EF seven years ago, Matt will share his personal experience growing a startup across the world, and what he's observed in EF's most successful founders. If you're a budding entrepreneur, have dreams to start something one day, or are just curious about what it takes, this is for you. Please arrive from 5.45pm for a 6pm start. We hope you'll stay for pizzas and beers after the discussion. This event is hosted by CapitOx, CodeSoc and Entrepreneur First. Our speakers

Tom Pocock is the founder and CEO of AZTEC Protocol, a platform that facilitates private transactions across the public blockchain. AZTEC presents an enormous opportunity in the financial sector, allowing market participants to transact in a private and frictionless manner, eliminating counterparty risk. The value-add of blockchain technology is expected to exceed $3.1 trillion by 2030, with applications to financial services expected to account for a significant portion. Tom recently secured a $2.1 million seed investment from investors including Consensys, founded by Joe Lubin. Tom studied Mathematics at Cambridge before starting a career in finance, spending three years at debt fund Park Square Capital. After qualifying, he began exploring ideas to decentralise the financial system through blockchain technology. Tom joined Entrepreneur First in 2017 and has been leading the company for over a year. He'll share insights on how to start a fintech company that is predicted to transform the industry. Tomide Adesanmi is the founder of Circuit Mind, a company using Artificial Intelligence to completely automate the design of Electronics Circuit boards. Circuit boards are integral to products we use everyday – from our smartphones to our televisions and microwaves. But no two boards are the same – each one is designed to exact specifications that meet the requirements of devices – which mean they take a huge amount of time and skill to create. Circuit Mind plans to change that.

Tomide has a Masters in Electronics and Electrical Engineering and spent five years as a Systems Engineer at BAE Systems before joining Entrepreneur First in 2018 to start Circuit Mind. Tomide is at the very beginning of his journey and will share insights on what matters when you're just starting out. Chairing the discussion is Matt Clifford, co-founder and CEO of Entrepreneur First, the world's leading talent investor on a mission to support the next generation of globally important deep-tech companies. Matt started EF in 2011 with the belief that the world is missing out on some of its best founders. EF funds ambitious individuals before they are founders, and supports them to find a co-founder, develop a business idea and raise investment from leading VCs. Since starting in 2011, EF has raised investment from the likes of Reid Hoffman (the founder of LinkedIn) and supported over 1,000 people to build over 170 companies collectively valued over $1.5bn. After studying at Cambridge and MIT, Matt began his career as a Management Consultant at McKinsey, advising clients in the healthcare, retail, and high-tech sectors. He will share insights on the intangible 'founder mindset' that he's seen in EF's most successful founders.


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