This one-day workshop on volunteering aims to bring together academics, researchers and other interested parties to share ideas, evidence and policy relevance of research into volunteering and altruism and the impact of the digital revolution on these processes. Attendees at this multidisciplinary workshop will be able to share and learn about alternative perspectives on volunteering, including the motivation to volunteer, the impact of volunteering, the notion of civic society and ways in which digital volunteering might lead to widening participation in the voluntary sector. The event will also explore theoretical and empirical research into volunteering, as well as the evolution of a shared research agenda that would foster future inter-disciplinary collaboration. There will be ample opportunities to network and learn about other streams of research being undertaken in this field. In attendance will be representatives from Cancer Research UK, who have made innovative use of online crowdsourcing and gamification to encourage contributions to the battle against cancer. They will be talking about the ways in which the digital economy has fundamentally changed the way that people can volunteer their time to help with worthy projects, as well as some of the challenges and key questions they have faced when innovating in this way. In addition, members of the VOLCROWE research team will provide an insight into the economics of volunteering in the digital economy. For details, link here:

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