Oct 5 2017 19:00

Maybe it's ticking. Maybe it's not. Want to pick your way through several screens of data with 3-inch armoured gloves to find out if it might go boom!?

Until recently, that was the industry experience for bomb-disposal technicians. Cobalt Light approached us to reinvent the user journey for their brand new bomb-detector; one that nevertheless requires complex technical communication but intuitive simplicity. This might be the most extreme UX use-case you’ve seen.

Speaker's bio: Gareth Nixon is a founding director of Oxford digital agency Global Initiative. He has 20 years' experience developing and ideating digital experiences. With particular interests in digital health, medical error reporting, data visualisation and learning outcomes, he remains a hands-on UX designer and developer for health-related digital tools.

Booking: https://www.meetup.com/UX-Oxford/events/243200000/

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