This is a joint event between UX Oxford and DOPM.
Doors open at 7pm (join us for drinks)
Talks start at 7.30pm.
There will be 15min talks with a Speakers Panel at the end.

Ben Holliday, Head of user experience at the Department for Work and Pensions
"Supersized. Making design work in large organisations"
Ben will talk about his experience working in the UK Government, building a design team, and why design matters if you want to deliver successful products and services.
Ben Holliday is Head of User Experience at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) – UK Government. Over the last 18 months he has established a large design team working across DWP’s digital services. He was previously a User Experience designer at FreeAgent and has also worked with the Government Digital Service (GDS). Over the last 15 years Ben has worked extensively with not-for-profit, charity and arts organisation in the UK including the National Theatre. He is especially interested in using well-designed research as part of agile design and delivery – using data, and hypotheses to drive improvements to products and services.
Blog: / twitter: @benholiday

Christina Ohanian, Agile coach at The App Business
"Creative spaces for creative thinking"
When we think about agile team dynamics we tend to very quickly pigeonhole ourselves heavily in process. But there’s one thing – for me at least – that’s has just as much if not more importance then process – Creative spaces. In my talk, I will go into the heart of why creative spaces have such a great impact on ideas, dynamics and performance – be it technical software development teams, or non-technical sales teams. I will also share my top tips to help you think about how you could build a workspace to inspire your team's creativity.
My Bio:
As an avid agile evangelist, Christina is passionate about helping build and support self organising teams and individuals from the ground up. She loves learning about people, their passions and what motivates them. Christina works in the heart of London at The App Business (TAB) as an Agile Coach, however, prior to her move into Agile coaching, she has successfully built TAB’s testing department from the ground up. Her strategic focus has been centred around ensuring testers and testing are embedded early on in development and that Quality Assurance is the responsibility of the whole team! Christina is especially interested in finding new techniques and ways of empowering teams and is not afraid to break the rules and challenge the status quo! As a member of the Agile community of practice, she is a regular conference speaker and workshop facilitator, both in the UK and abroad. She’s also a Graphics Illustrator and enjoys bringing this into the workspace to facilitate meeting.

David Lowe, Agile and lean coach
"Forecasting and estimating"
Question: Why do so many people struggle to estimate or forecast the work they are doing?
Answer: Because they don’t match the type of estimate/forecast with the type of work they are doing. Let me demonstrate …
David Lowe is an agile and lean coach who has worked with a range of organisations (from start-ups to corporates) across a variety of industries (most recently travel, fashion, wine, government, auto). He is also a trainer, speaker, author, and game maker. David runs the London Agile Discussion Group, London Lean Coffee, and Agile on the Bench.

Carmen Brion, Design researcher at The Telegraph
"Formulate better hypotheses for a more effective design"
If you are interested or have recently started using Lean UX methodologies, you are likely to be working with hypotheses. They are a great tool for iterative research and for applying insights to guide the design of digital products. However, hypotheses are tricky to formulate and can send teams in the wrong directions, wasting time and resources.
In this talk I will present:
– why we should use hypotheses
– where do they fit within a Design Thinking/Lean UX framework
– the main pitfalls that we experience when first using hypotheses
– provide a framework to formulate better hypotheses
Carmen has worked in experience design and research for over 10 years, and is currently a design researcher at the Telegraph. An expert in evaluating the ease of use of digital products, she is a passionate practitioner in research-driven product design. A design thinker at heart, Carmen draws strong influence from Lean UX in her work and is always seeking to make impact through effective ways of testing design hypotheses.

UX & PM Speakers panel
At the end, we will have a panel with Q&A with the four speakers to discuss the intersection of UX & PM.

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