We are a social species and our social networks (families, tribes, communities, etc.) enabled us to survive and thrive. However there is growing research that more and more people are becoming socially isolated and this has serious impacts on people's physical and mental health. Coronary heart disease, depression, increased blood pressure and cognitive decline are all associated with social isolation.


There are many groups who are particularly likely to become socially isolated such as new mothers, children and young people experiencing bullying, people with long-term conditions and disability, unemployed adults, carers and retired people. Estimates show that around 25-30% of the UK population suffer from social isolation.


This workshop will explore ways in which we can use new or existing technology or data to help address this issue. It will also provide the opportunity to begin creating some solutions and it may even spawn a new start-up social enterprise!


The session is hosted by Dave Dawes, the Director of Future Care Capital, a Director of the Royal College of Nursing, serial social entrepreneur, tech developer and nurse.

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