6 July 09.00

Sign up to this half day workshop to discover what LinkedIn can do for your business and how best it use it.

Many people have joined LinkedIn, but are you using it to generate business? Do you have an optimised profile that reflects your brand and business? Do you have a policy for who you connect with? Do you get any business from LinkedIn? If you have just signed up for LinkedIn or don’t really feel that LinkedIn is doing anything for you, join our half day LinkedIn workshop in Oxfordshire. The course will cover: Ways of using LinkedIn in different circumstances. Creating an optimised LinkedIn profile. Headline. Contact Information. Summary. Experience. Skills. Optional Section. Profile. Security. How to find and connect with relevant people. Developing relationships on LinkedIn. What to say / not to say on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Publishing. LinkedIn Groups. Using LinkedIn for research. Using LinkedIn for recruitment. Using LinkedIn to find a job. Creating an optimised company profile. Promoting a company profile. What to say on a company profile. LinkedIn advertising Measuring success on LinkedIn.



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