16 November 9.00-12.00

WHAT IS THE 2030 SDGs GAME? The 2030 SDGs Game is a multiplayer, in-person, card-based game that simulates taking the “real world” into the year 2030.

WHY WOULD I GIVE UP MY TIME ON A FRIDAY MORNING TO PLAY THIS GAME? If you are someone who would like to think that we can meet the SDGs by 2030 but have no idea where to start; or if you are in a position of influence – in your family/ community/ business/ county and want to make the best use of that influence, this game will show you what is possible and give you a place to start. What else can you do that will make a lasting change in your sense of what is possible and which are the most powerful levers you personally can reach, in just one morning?

WHAT EFFECT DOES THE GAME HAVE? Participants experience a change in perspective. Most players finish the game feeling excited, connected, and ready to take action on the big issues of our world. Players often ask, “What can I do next to make a difference?” While players do finish the game with an understanding of the goals, targets, and the various ways the world can achieve these – the change in attitude and worldview is the most significant effect. Where a significant portion of a community or organisation plays this game, the effect is culture change.

WHERE HAS THE GAME COME FROM? Designed in Japan in 2016, this experience has become a powerful and impactful social phenomenon in Japan, earning extensive media coverage and reaching over 15,000 participants last year. 2030 SDGs Game events are held in corporate, governmental, educational, and community settings, and now has over 200 trained facilitators in a rapidly growing community within Japan. Now, due to a growing demand to bring the game to the rest of the world, we have created an English edition and are beginning to introduce it to a wider audience overseas. The game is designed to be played with anywhere from 5 to 50 players. The game sees participants working together and in groups to explore how the world can achieve your group’s sustainability goals. Will you create a prosperous, equitable and sustainable world by 2030? The whole experience takes 2 ½ hours including playing and reflection.

WHO RUNS THE SDGs GAME? A Fairer Society will organize this event with local hosts Grant Hayward and Thalia Carr. Passionate about the power of business as a force for good, Grant draws on his extensive private and voluntary sector experience to inspire and help companies become more purposeful, developing their organisations and people whilst also helping to make the strong local economy more inclusive and one that works for everyone. Thalia worked as a Sustainability professional for 10 years, facilitates the Oxford hub of Women in Sustainability and works within the Sustainability and Value Driven sectors enabling individuals and teams to achieve their goals and overcome feelings of overwhelm through targeted and transformative coaching. The game was made by Imacocollabo, a company that focuses on international collaboration. The workshop will be facilitated by Mr. Skip Swanson, who is spearheading the introduction of the game to the West, and Mr. Takeshi Muranaka, one of the developers of the game.

CAN I GET TO THE VENUE? Parking is limited immediately outside the venue, but transport links are really good and there is plenty of parking nearby at the Seacourt Park & Ride.

WHO CAN COME? You can. Anyone, whether working in a business, living in the community, politician, in the third sector or retired who is interested in Sustainability and thinking about the world in 2030 is welcome. This is an innovative, unique and highly collaborative approach to real world issues. Please view the following clip for more information on the game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aKgVVBdf2M or visit the SDGs Game website. Or contact Nathaniel Whitestone (nathaniel@afairersociety.com) or Peter Burke (peter@afairersociety.com).


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