Twist of Fate is a new and innovative awareness-raising idea that Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF) has been developing to start a conversation about some of the hard-hitting issues affecting local people.


In his novels, Charles Dickens described in vivid detail the destitution and desperation he observed on the streets of English towns and cities over 150 years ago. Yet here on the streets of Oxfordshire today, some of the suffering we see would seem far too familiar to Dickens. 


This Marmalade session is an opportunity to ask ourselves what has really changed since then – and does anyone really care?


What would Charles Dickens be writing about if here were alive today? Would he even be writing? More likely he would be making videos for YouTube or Netflix, but the chances are, he would still be covering the same kind of social issues.


That's the idea behind Twist of Fate. We are putting out a call to the creative community to help us make it happen. So if you're a writer, editor, theatre group leader, emerging talent, this is a great opportunity to do something new and innovative – both creatively and in fundraising terms.


A team is starting to form, so why not get involved?  Come and join us.

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