Wolfson Innovate – WIN – is Wolfson College's inspiration for innovation. Building on our success, and to celebrate the College's 50th Anniversary, in 2016 we will be hosting the Tri-Innovate competition. This brings together new innovate initiatives in Hertford and Pembroke Colleges.

Tri-Innovate is about developing and making best use of our best ideas, by pitching them to a panel of judges, in front of an audience, for a prize and for future mentoring.The idea may come out of our academic work, or it maybe connected to other interests. The Tri-Innovate project wants to turn those ideas into opportunities. Perhaps you've dreamed up a cool widget, a smart App, a clever financial model, a new way of getting schoolchildren interested in life-writing, or a radically new set of structures for charity work – anything that can help others and make some money at the same time. Even if your idea doesn’t win a prize, Tri-Innovate can be a great learning experience. It’s not easy to put an idea across in a few words or a video – but if you can learn to do it, it can be a great help in life. Ideas selected for the Pitch Event will get feedback from the judges – people with experience of innovation – and a chance for mentoring (see the Judges & Mentors page). And there are some cash prizes too! If you want to get involved in the judging, mentoring, and/or funding, please let us know by emailing us.

More information on the finalists from last year and how to apply is available on the Wolfson Innovate website. http://www.wolfsoninnovate.com/#!the-pitches/c19lo

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