An explanation of how your social networks are structured, and how they create value and trust.

Social networks are crucial tools for entrepreneurs, executives, and in innovation programming. Dr Tobias Stone wrote a PhD that used sociology to explain the social networks that underpin startup accelerators, which was based on his own practical work. He is a tech entrepreneur and investor, and set up a healthcare accelerator that focussed on using social networks to lead to innovation outcomes. Hosted by the Entrepreneurship Centre, he will present the findings from his research and practice, using the language of sociology to describe your social networks.


Dr Tobias Stone is a tech entrepreneur and angel investor. He set up and ran a specialist healthcare accelerator and used this as the case study for a PhD on the social networks that form innovation ecosystems like accelerators – why do they have such high levels of trust, how do they embed value? He is a former Special Advisor to Estonia’s e-Residency program, a visiting Scholar at the NATO Collaborative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, and co-founder of a fintech startup, He is also a prolific writer on politics and current affairs, and spent 4 years at Oxford studying Egyptology and Classical Archaeology. 

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