18 September 08:30-12:30

Social Enterprises are often established as innovative ways to address local social and environmental issues. But it’s also vital for all social enterprises to innovate as a way to achieve financial sustainability and develop new and creative ways to solve these challenges.

Join us and other like-minded social entrepreneurs for a lively and interactive workshop to explore the significance of innovation for Social Enterprises, community businesses and other socially and environmental impactful organisations. We will consider how innovation can be accelerated and scaled through genuine collaborations and partnerships and what it takes to make those happen. There will be a chance to examine key themes and agendas that can be leveraged to open up new opportunities and take a look the tools, resources and networks available to provide you with additional support.

What will I learn? At the end of the session you will have a better understanding of the why your organisation can and should become more innovative and some ways it can, as well more collaborative and open to strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with a view to underpin financial sustainability.


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