On Wednesday, 3 February 2016, The Department of Pharmacology at the University of Oxford advised by Jon Rees Associates and in collaboration with Oxford Biotech will convene an innovative international one-day summit on the health of the British bioscience industry and the way forward. With several of the world’s leading research universities and top academic and financial talent, Britain appears well positioned to lead the world in the development and commercialisation of major biomedical advances. But despite these huge structural advantages, British biotech firms attract only 4% of the world’s biotech capital in comparison with 72% in the United States. What could Britain do to capture a greater share of the bioscience sector? Bringing Britain’s leading academics together with the international leaders in bioscience finance, venture capital, government, and pharmaceutical industry, in a series of high level interactive dialogues, this innovative summit will explore what holds Britain back from greater success in the bioscience sector and why others are doing so well. The summit aims to develop a constructive and comprehension vision on what British institutions must do to further improve the future performance of this critical activity bridging research and industry. The outputs from the summit will be considered by a Working Group, whose findings will be published Attendance is by INVITATION ONLY. Email to register interest: http://www.oxfordbiotech.org/the-pulse-of-british-bioscience-february-2016

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