Nov 2 2017 18:00

How many ideas, how many opportunities, how many decisions rely on how confident we feel in the moment? Whether it’s a job interview or a presentation, the effectiveness of it in the end comes down to that one word – confidence! How much more could you achieve, how many more things would you put yourself forward for if you were more confident?

Attend our event held by our Guest Speaker, Asad Khan to find out how you can benefit from cutting edge research into state management and learn techniques, which will help you be more relaxed and confident every day. More importantly, you will learn how to access states of incredible confidence and relaxation instantly in any situation from interview to public speaking! Asad is a Motivational Strategist & Speaker, UCL graduate, who has delivered this seminar to employees at a variety of companies such as Deloitte and Network Rail. Where?:New Business School- Clerici Building- room Clerici Studio Drinks & Networking Reception to follow after the talk. Visit Asad's website:

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