All businesses must be able to learn and adapt faster than the rate of change in their markets. This is especially critical for Technology & Media business for whom the rate of change can be exponential. Increasing opportunities, combined with a talent crisis, raises the pressure on leaders to spend their time 'in' the business, addressing the day-to-day activities that drive today's performance and results. This can make it difficult to find headroom to spend time 'on' the business, considering how best to drive sustainable change and significant steps forward in valuation. Sustaining and growing value comes from making the right strategic choices and then aligning the business model, operational performance, stakeholder requirements and risk management to those choices. Spending time 'on' the business considering these components of value creation is as important in the medium and long term as spending time 'in' the business driving day to day performance. So how can you challenge yourself to spend enough time 'on' your business? Oxford Technology & Media are delighted to welcome Wendy Hart and Mark Bishop from Grant Thornton, who will introduce The CEO Room – a dedicated, stimulating and interactive space that will challenge your existing and established thinking. They will help you to focus not only on your immediate issues but also your ambitions and objectives, the assumptions you are implicitly making about your own future and how you can bring about the change you need in order to realise those ambitions. They will explore these thoughts and more, relating the ideas to real life examples of both success and failure. We look forward to seeing you there! The event is free of charge for OTM members and will be held in the centre of Oxford at The Story Museum, 42 Pembroke St, OX1 1BP. Click here for directions. 6.00pm – Event Opens, Networking & Refreshments Buffet food and drinks will be available after the event 9pm – Close Oxford Technology & Media exists to Stimulate a debate and business thinking on key topics and markets. Read some of the latest articles on our website. Help network members build a local network for support, personal development and mentoring on an individual basis. Help local startups and businesses find the people, connections and resources they need to flourish. Provide a catalyst for Oxfordshire expertise to challenge Cambridge’s status as the UK’s leading high technology cluster. Membership is by invitation or application but if you're connected to Oxford and in a leadership position in one of our key business areas, you're welcome to attend the speaker events to get a taste. We're gradually introducing the new name for The Oxford Technology Media & Finance Network – simply Oxford Technology & Media. Acknowledgements: Oxford Technology & Media would like to thank Grant Thornton LLP and White October for their kind support of both this event and the Oxford Technology & Media Network programme. Image: A noble lord, on an approaching peace, too busy to attend to the expenditure of a million of the public money. James Gillray [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Grant Thornton White October For details, link here:

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