7th April 2017 13:30

Post-truth. Fake news. Alternative facts. The very definition of truth seems to be up for grabs, and our relationship with truth is in a state of flux. New technologies have radically decentralised the means of producing and distributing information. Data, facts and figures filter through narratives that tap into our emotions and personal beliefs. Given this dynamic, how can we promote critical thinking whilst also cultivating empathy?

The power of a story well told has never been greater, and reality is subject to interpretation and manipulation. Truth, though, isn’t completely mutable. The quest to uncover truth is a bedrock of human history, and some truths are enduring and undeniable.

On Friday 7th April, let’s meet at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford for TEDxSkoll. Under a 17th century ceiling, we’ll take stock of the concept of truth and its evolving role in social, economic and political progress. We will hear from those who have harnessed truth as a central driving force in their life and work, and those who have dedicated their life’s work to producing fiction. Together, we’ll explore truth as a concept that is not always easy to find, define or grasp, and we’ll embrace that challenge as a unifying—and uniquely human—element.

Timings for the Day 1.30pm: Tea, Coffee and Registration 2.30pm: First Session 4.15pm: Break 5pm: Second Session 6.30pm – 8pm: Post-Event Reception For more information about the day visit tedxskoll.com and to get the latest updates on the programme as it is released follow @TEDxSkoll on twitter. We will be using TEDConnect for this event which means you can… Browse the full list of attendees and speakers Message speakers and other attendees Build out a TED network of new and old friends, and a list of people to keep track of Access the schedule of speaker sessions, lunches, parties and other activities Check out maps of the venue and surrounding area Find other attendees within the event space, and share your Whereabouts (only available at some events, e.g. TED2017) Personalize your account with a bio, photos, and contact information (and adjust who can see it). For this we need a unique e-mail address for each ticket and you must use this e-mail address to create a user account at TED.com.

If you have any questions, e-mail TEDConnect support at connect@ted.com Concessions: Students, Under 16's, over 60's and those who are recipients of jobseekers allowance and income support. Please note some of the seating in the Sheldonian Theatre is high up and at a steep viewing angle. If you suffer from acrophobia, or any height-related symptoms such as vertigo, please let us know when booking your ticket. Please note tickets are non-refundable.

For details, link here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/tedxskoll-tickets-32466597467

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