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Have you heard about TechPixies? Would you like to find out more about our Social Media Course and/or WordPress Course and if one or both is right for you?

Come along to a taster session and find out more. At the taster session, you'll get to meet the team, hear about the courses, ask your questions and we will even give you some practical skills to help you create a visually stimulating post for the social media platform of your choice using a free online programme called Canva. As a bonus, we'll also give you our 'WordPress in a Day'. You'll also get to pop in on a live course which will be running at the same time.

We believe that learning new skills, particularly technical ones, is best done face to face in a group environment and. Our courses are taught in a small group environment with a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 people in attendance. The taster session will give you a feel for the type of group you might be working with and you will also get a chance to speak to people who have been through the course.

Typically our courses are attended by women, but we will consider applications from men who have experienced challenges in returning to the workplace or want to do learn how to manage social media for their own business. Very often those attending the courses have a desire to learn new technology and prefer to do it in a group environment. Most of the participants in our course fall into one of the following categories: 


  • Someone who has taken a career break to look after children or an elderly relative and now wants to catch up with technology, particularly social media and/or WordPress.
  • Someone who has had a career break due to a mental or physical illness and who are now on the road to recovery and looking to upskill in social media and/or WordPress.
  • Someone who is currently in an admin role or non-office job who is looking to add social media management and/or WordPress to their skillset.
  • Someone starting their own business or trying to start or grow their own business using WordPress and/or social media

All TechPixies courses run during term time, from 10am – 2pm to fit within school hours. You can find out more about the curriculum, the instructors, the dates, tuition fees and application process on our website.

If have any questions, please email info@techpixies.com or call 07788 242 600 to have a chat about the course.

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