Aidan Meller’s Broad Street Gallery is dedicated to the innovations of modern art. Come and be inspired by the way innovations in technology can free up your creative-based business. Apple Mac-loving companies often don’t feel the need for IT support. Without wider expertise, how do such organisations keep pace with improvements in other technologies which can enhance their creative businesses? Increasingly we are offering advice on questions such as: How to network Macs and PCs together Implementing better collaboration Operating more flexibly using faster wi-fi, and remote working Increased demand on connectivity due to larger files and higher client expectations Are you the Director of a local growing marketing or design agency, or a Mac-heavy business? This free ‘Technology Knowledge Share’ Breakfast, run by technology specialists The Oxford Knowledge Company, is designed to provide creative companies with ideas and insight around technology and innovations which will allow your business to work more efficiently, so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best. For details, link here:

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