What does sustainability mean to you as you launch your own social enterprise or business? How can you be sustainable and ethical and still make a profit? What do you need to consider in order to deliver on your sustainability goals?

Join OxLaunch (www.oxlaunch.com) for a panel discussion about sustainable start-ups, followed by networking with other purpose-driven entrepreneurs and change agents. A great opportunity to learn from peers and those one step ahead in building their sustainable start-ups.

Megan Morys-Carter, Director of OxLaunchand TheHill, will be joined on the panel by:

Nicky Chambers, CEO of Origen Power

Agne Milukaite, Founder and CEO of cycle.land

Grant Hayward, of OSEP, ROBIN and Founder and Director of Collaborent

Mbakeh Camara, Founder and Director of Wisdom Superfoods

This event is part of Oxford Green Week, and is supported by Enterprising Oxford and Quarters Collective.

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