10 May 19.00-13.30

We start the morning by discussing what is a brand is and find out that it is about much more than logos, typefaces, and colourways.

It is actually about perception of your business – and so very important to develop or enhance your brand. If you get your brand right, then other parts of the jigsaw fall into place. Key is to understand why you’re in business, set out how you do business and then – but only then – think about what you do. The point of any enterprise is to create value. What do you create? Delivered by: Justin Jackson has worked in branding, marketing, sales, digital, and communications for almost twenty years. Over that time, he has worked with startups and corporations, politicians and celebrities, radio stations and TV channels, firms and non-profits. He is currently the owner of Digital Remit, which delivers strategic advice and professional training to companies both large and small.


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