Join us on 10 -11 June 2015 at The SSCG Africa Annual Economic & Entrepreneurship Conference, Oxford where more than 300 industry experts, business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and officials will gather to explore how the business communities across Africa are meeting market challenges, creating growth opportunities and transforming their economies for the future. Through a programme of invigorating speakers, discussion topics, and seminars, the conference will seek to debate and identify solutions on the following key areas: – Fostering economic growth & prosperity – Macro and micro economic environment – Harnessing financial deepening – Investment opportunities in Africa – Re-basing African countries GDP – Pro-business environment: Policies, Security and institutions – Driving growth through skilled labour market and jobs – Accelerating private sector development – Sustainable & inclusive businesses – Social entrepreneurship and women in business – Open talent economy – Driving SME value and growth – Boosting industry productivity and competitiveness – Creating jobs – Accelerating Entrepreneurship and Innovation – Nurturing innovation and technology driven businesses – Harnessing sustainable and inclusive businesses – Unlocking opportunities through innovation and entrepreneurship – Fostering thought leadership and good governance – Supporting the youth to create better future – Diaspora entrepreneurship and remittances For details, link here:

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