Mar 1 2018 17:30

The African OBN is proud to present our second speaker series guest, Dr. Paul Greener, CEO of Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund, for a conversation of the role of social enterprises in Africa.

With more than 30 years of work experience in donor, private foundation, civil society and private consulting contexts, he is committed to designing, managing, implementing or evaluating programs that improve the lives of rural poor people. Much of his working experience over the last two decades has been in specialist roles related to agricultural productivity, rural livelihoods and access to financial services – with a particular interest in public-private-civil society partnerships and market-led approaches – in some 30 developing countries of Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Dr. Greener holds a PhD that examined the adoption of innovations by smallholder farmers, and a Masters degree in International Agricultural Development from the University of California, Davis. He has formal accreditation as a broker of multi-stakeholder partnerships for development – bringing together the diverse skills and resources of the private sector, civil society and the public sector to solve development problems.


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