This session will introduce solution-focused and compassionate communication skills as a conduit to exploring dynamics of power and connection in relationships, both personal and professional. This is a great session for anyone who wants to be more effective and authentic in their communication, and to help improve their response to conflict. There will be opportunities for both reflection and skills building.


This session is hosted by Milly Carmichael and Olivia Hawkins – Directors and co-facillitators at MO Training and Consultancy.


Solution Focus is an approach to therapeutic support whose first premise is that we are all already experts in our own lives and that we all have resources that can be drawn on to find solutions to the problems we face. Oftentimes those resources have been forgotten or not paid attention to and Solution Focus can help to bring them back into play. The Solution Focused approach involves 'leading from behind' and profoundly shifts the power dynamic between 'the helped' and 'the helper'. It invites us to stop trying to fix other people and, instead, to help them seek out their own authentic route to successes that they define for themselves, while maintaining absolute confidence that those resources are present in everyone. 


Compassionate, or Nonviolent, Communication is rooted in the observation that nothing and no-one makes us feel anything – that our feelings arise in response to whether our universal human needs are being met or not in any given moment. It means that we can no longer simply blame others for our circumstances. It invites us to take responsibility for, and give compassion to, our own selves – to take back our power, if you will. It offers us skills to express ourselves clearly and to be able to hear the feelings and needs of others – even those we profoundly diagree with. It allows us to connect more deeply with the shared humanity in ourselves and others and undermines the apparent 'power' of threat, coercion, diagnosis, comparison and judgement that so often infuses our communication. 


Both of these approaches can be learned and practiced by anyone to make their own personal communications more effective and kind. They are not exclusive to the realm of professional therapy and this is what we aim to bring to the workshop. 


Please note: There is no step-free access to the Loft. If you are a wheelchair user it may not be possible for you to access this space, which is only available via a short flight of stairs. Please do contact us if you would like more information:

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