This is the first of our training courses given by local business guru, Lesley McKie. A bit about our tutor and the course. This introduction to social media for your small business will be led by Leslie McKie. A keen baker, allotment gardener and furniture upcycler, Lesley manages social media and content marketing for businesses in Oxfordshire and beyond. Course details:- 2 hour introduction to social media for your small business. Addressing :- Why social media is important (its here to stay and not going to go away!) Where social media fits with your other marketing activity; Overview of social media channels- what they ar, what they can be good for.what might be best for your business; When social mediais successful – hints and tips, best practice: Activities to include: Understand your target market; Audit/review your marketing activites; Identifying your social media next steps: This is a chance to take the fear out of social media and taking the next step to making it work for your business now! For details, link here:

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