Our annual awards provide early stage funding to teams aiming to tackle the root causes of social and environmental challenges.


About the award

Up to £30,000 in grant funding is available. 

We are looking for ventures that get to the root of some of the significant issues affecting our world. You will have a well-articulated theory of change, a sustainable business model capable of generating measurable social or environmental impact, a committed team, and a strong case for how our funding could catalyse greater impact. You should have a thorough understanding of the problem being tackled and how your venture fits into the wider landscape of others working on the same issue. 


Applications for the 2019 Skoll Venture Awards are now open and will close on Sunday, 12 May at 23:59 GMT+1 (UK Time).



 Students working on some ideas

Your team must include at least one University of Oxford student or alumnus as a core part of the founding team.

You should have received no more than £100,000 in aggregate of external funding for this venture to date.

Your venture should have a revenue-generating business model that is not reliant on charitable donations (both for-profit and non-profit structures can apply).

Your venture needs to be more than just an idea – it should be at the pilot, prototype or proof-of-concept stage, or in early-stage traction. 

Please get in contact if you have any queries.



Chris Blues, Programme Manager for Social Ventures


+44 (0)1865 288838


Previous winners

We have allocated Venture Award funding to the following early-stage social ventures:




Boresha Technologies acknowledges that small farmers need liquidity to operate their businesses. Boresha aims to provide reliable and low-cost sources of working capital for them, by managing invoicing and supply chain finance on their behalf.


Adelie Health is revolutionising the self-management of diabetes. Traditional care is not working as over 75% of people with diabetes, including our co-founder Liam, fail to reach diabetes targets.




Virtue VR is an immersive tech company with a focus on mental health applications. It is currently developing a therapeutic tool for people with dementia using Virtual Reality.


Redbird Health Tech is changing the way patients interact with the Ghanaian healthcare system to better combat the rising burden of non-communicable and chronic disease.


PowerMarket, a product of SunReign Ltd, was founded with a mission – sustainable energy for all. It uses downstream satellite data and deep-learning to help individuals and companies globally assess their potential solar within a couple of clicks.




Tulivu Imaging was a medical diagnostics service provider initially focusing on affordable ultrasound in Kenya. Their mobile teams brought existing health facilities the medical devices and expertise they needed.


I-Drop Water is changing the cost structure of drinking water sales by purifying water at the point of sale in formal and informal general grocery stores throughout Africa.  




BioCarbon Engineering aims to counter industrial-scale deforestation using industrial scale REforestation. Destruction of global forests from lumber, mining, agriculture, and urban expansion destroys 26 billion trees each year.




Accomable – a web platform designed to make it easier for disabled people to organise and book travel across the globe. Accomable was acquired by Airbnb in November 2017.


Odyssey Sensors designs, develops and delivers affordable sensor technology, networks, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) innovations for smallholder, mid-sized, and family-owned farms.  




iGBL aims to bring interactive game-based learning to schools, NGOs, and businesses, introducing scalable technologies that enable highly effective and engaging ways to teach abstract concepts in schools and in the workplace.

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