Please email Natalie Berge to reserve your place on the workshop.

University of Oxford students are warmly invited to attend a Seed Investing workshop led by the Entrepreneurship Centre's Resident Expert, Lucius Cary on the afternoon of 17 December at Saïd Business School.

During the workshop participants will be divided into groups of 8-10 and each group will have to take all the decisions with which the investors and also the founders were faced. So the first decision is whether to invest in this group of young entrepreneurs who have just started a business, and if so on what terms. The business plan available at the time is available to you. Obviously the investment was made or there wouldn’t be a case. But as happens in real life, the business did not go according to plan, and the business got into difficulties of various kinds. The founders were required to take many decisions along the way.  You will have to take the same decisions and armed with the same information as was available at the time.  

The case study gets as close to real life as it is possible to get, and, for this reason, provides a very useful learning experience.

Lucius Cary (OBE) is the founder and managing director of Oxford Technology Management Ltd, which has specialised in making and managing investments in start-up technology-based businesses since 1983.

Please email Natalie Berge to reserve your place on the workshop.

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