Join us for a panel discussion based on the report 'Financing UK Scale-Ups: Challenges and Recommendations' by Barclays, Cambridge and Oxford. The UK has experienced strong growth in start-up activity in recent years, however there are still a number of challenges when it comes to cultivating early-stage start-ups into high-growth scale-ups, and financing is widely believed to be one of the factors.

This panel discussion will focus on some of the high level results and recommendations of the report. Kick-off presentations: Cambridge: Solving the Scale-Up Problem: The Crucial Role of Management Oxford: Financing UK Scale-Ups: Challenges and Recommendations Panel discussion Moderator: Richard Phelps (Managing Director, Barclays) Panellists: Sherry Coutu (Founder, Scale-Up Institute) Marcus Stuttard (Head of AIM, London Stock Exchange) TBC

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