Responsible Leadership Seminar – Eyal Winter Feeling Smart: Why our emotions are more rational than we think. Thursday 3 December 2015, 17:30 How do emotions influence our decision making? Do they hinder us or help us? What is their role in social situations? "Feeling Smart: Why Our Emotions are More Rational than We think" is the title of Eyal Winter's book for general readers that appeared in January with Perseus Books Group and in German by Dumont in March. The book deals with the relationship between our emotional being and our rational one, and the implications of this relationship to a variety of research issues in economics and the social sciences. The lecture will demonstrate this relationship in the context of altruism and empathy, discuss the role of emotions in generating commitment in strategic situations, and the role of altruism in promoting self‐interest and material utility. It will also mention recent research findings on the "love hormone" Oxytocin, and in particular the implications for economic and social interactions. Please arrive at the School from 17.00 for a prompt 17:30 start. Tickets are non-transferable. More about the speaker: Eyal Winter is the Silverzweig Professor of Economics at the Hebrew University specializing in behavioral economics and in Game Theory. He is a member of the Center for the Study of Rationality and headed the center for four years. He was also the chair of the economics department. Winter was awarded the Humboldt Prize for excellence in research by the German government in 2010. He is an elected council member of the International Game Theory Society, an advisory editor for Games and Economic Behavior and an elected fellow of the Economic Theory Society. Winter held senior professorship positions at Washington University and the European University Institute and at the University of Manchester. He has published more that 60 papers some which appeared in top journals such as the AER, Econometrica, APSR, RES and Psychological Science. He was invited to present his work in more than 130 academic institutions. His book "Feeling Smart: Why our Emotions are More Rational Than We Think" appeared in Jan 2015. The book was endorsed by eight Nobel laureates and by Larry Summers. It appeared also in German and Hebrew, and will appear this year in Chinese and Japanese. His press essays appeared in Time Magazine, Forbes, Washington Post, the Guardian, the Independent, Jewish Chronicle, Haaretz and more. For details, link here:

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