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Most investment pitches start with this…
We need a CTO – £25k for a year. And a CMO/CSO – 25k for a year. And me – £25k for a year. Oh and £25k to make the product.

What if you could reach revenue in 6 months. And with only your wage to cover? That brings investment down to £10-20k – well within the reach of a loan.
Just think -no giving away shares of all the future profits. It can be done.

And Startup Direct make it happen…
Startup Direct is the founding delivery partner for the Government Start Up loan scheme that provides Government backed start-up funding for entrepreneurs wanting to start a business. Many emerging business find it difficult to obtain such funding from banks, as the banks are quite risk-adverse and normally look for significant trading history before advancing loans. That’s one of the reasons the Government created these Start-up loans.

Passionate about helping entrepreneurs get their business ideas off the ground and not only provide loans, but also business mentoring and workshops. We are particularly strong in tech start-ups.

Loan sizes start at £500 which is usually taken up by groups wishing to take advantage of our 300+ strong Mentor network. We can offer up to £25,000 per person, and can fund up to 4 partners for businesses. That means we can finance up to £100K.

Also lend to students , providing they meet the standard eligibility criteria, such as eligibility to work in the UK, will run a UK based business and they are over 18 years of age. With Under Grads we do ensure they have sufficient time to devote to both their studies and their new business. 


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