Raising Cash for your Business Workshop 13th May at Harwell IC Some businesses are lucky enough not to need to raise cash from outside sources and can survive using the cashflow that they generate from doing business. For the rest of us, starting up or growing a business means that we have to find money that we don’t have ourselves. That means we need someone else to provide that cash for us but that can be difficult – sometimes they seem to just not want to. Why is that? Having a clear understanding of what the different types of funding are, as well as knowing what the providers are looking for, will help you to think more sensibly about matching your business plans with a complimentary funding strategy. The aim of this workshop is to provide you with simple tools and techniques to build your plan for future growth and understand what types of funding are available and what your business needs to look like to secure these:- Debt and Credit Grants Investment By the end of the day, the delegates will have an understanding of the different types of funding that are available, what you need to do to attract this funding and how you should consider meeting any funding needs you have as part of your overall plans for your business not the result of these plans. We will give you an insight into how funders think, what the trends and current environment are and what options might be available to you. Workshop Style The day will involve a highly interactive morning session in which delegates will be given the opportunity to step into the shoes of banks and investors to understand what motivates them to say yes. The afternoon session will be an optional open forum in which the area of funding will be looked at in more detail with delegates invited to select the topics that they would like to discuss further and to share their own experiences and circumstances. Who is this Workshop for? Owners of early stage businesses that they wish to grow but are not sure how Someone with an idea for a business that they need to analyse and evaluate before making the decision Timings Course registration from 9.00am with coffee and biscuits Course commences at 9.30 am session closes 1 pm For details, link here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/raising-cash-for-your-business-workshop-tickets-16252104482

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