The Toyota Production System (also know as Lean) has had a transformative impact on manufacturing. Many organizations have sought to apply the ideas to non-production settings: this seminar is a chance to hear first-hand how Toyota has approached this challenge.

Toyota introduced JKK (Ji Kotei-Kanketsu) activity in 2007, aiming at improving productivity in the office area of the company. The original meaning of JKK (Ji Kotei-Kanketsu) is “built-in-quality”, whose purpose is to ensure the quality of products within their production process, instead of being ensured by inspections. What is important for Toyota’s JKK concept is that people engage in their own processes to visualize their operating procedure (Standard Operating Procedure); this makes it possible to identity symptoms of a problem and take countermeasures before errors or waste emerge. Standard Operating Procedure is used for instructing unexperienced staff to do the right things from the beginning, but needs to be revised after actually doing the job. This presentation will explore how Toyota actually conducts improvement/kaizen activities in its office area. The seminar will be lead by Kimiaki Tanaka of the Toyota Motor Corporation. Tanaka-san has over thirty years of experience of improvement work at the company, and his current role includes providing TQM training to employees in Toyota and its group companies, providing consultant services on problem solving/continuous improvement to them, and promoting JKK activity across Toyota. He will be assisted in the presentation by Prof Katsuki Aoki of Meiji University.


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