May 17 2018 17:30

Artificial Intelligence promises to change our lives profoundly, revolutionizing everything from the way we travel, manufacture things, or use services, like banking and healthcare. UK companies are in the forefront of driving this revolution, and many are based in the Oxfordshire area. One of the keys to this success will be the ability to protect the intellectual property that they are developing.

The workshop brings together the CEO’s of some Oxford based AI companies as well as experts in IP protection from JA Kemp, in order to discuss what works and what doesn’t.
There will be presentations, discussion, the opportunity to network, and advice on hand from JA Kemp’s expert patent attorneys.

Mediated with the support of JA Kemp, the following speakers will offer their own perspective of the issues and challenges they have found as the basis for a wider discussion:

Dr Rob Buckingam, Head of Culham's RACE (Remote Applications in Challenging Environments) facility; a co-founder of OC Robotics, which has developed snake-arm robots for use in hazardous and confined spaces; now Rob is increasingly involved in working with groups like the AI vehicle software developer, Oxbotica.

Dr Andrew Hopkins, founding CEO of Exscientia Ltd, a drug discovery platform that uses AI to accelerate new compound formulations.

Dan Sola, founding CEO of Archangel Aerospace Ltd, based at Harwell, which works on unmanned space flight systems.

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