Double talk event organised jointly with the British Computer Society (BCS): Transparency through Raw Material Traceability & Protect your light bulb moment 25 November 2015 – 19:30-21:00 Location Oxford e-Research Centre Organiser Contact for more information. About this event Talk-1: Transparency through Raw Material Traceability Alan Arnfeld is the Product Development & Operations Director at Elements Software, a company specialised in supply chain traceability technology. Alan will talk about the company's DIGITAL PASSPORT™, about the mineral/material traceability sector, the challenges, the impact of their applied solution and scope for the sector’s future. Talk-2: Protect your light bulb moment Michael Downing is a Patent Attorney & Trademark Attorney at Downing IP, he will give an introduction to the world of Intellectual Property Rights, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA), Patents and Trademarks. Programme 19:00-19:30 Registration 19:00-21:00 Talks Cost Free of Charge Additional information This event is jointly organised by the IET Oxfordshire network and the British Computer Society (BCS). Registration information

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