Nov 29 2017 18:30

Stop procrastinating and create your best year ever in 2018! Let this be the turning point in your life.

Imagine if you were able to develop the right mindset to change the outcome of your business and personal life. Come and find out how to beat procrastination, be more productive, overcome the challenges of change and be empowered to win. You can use these practical insights to accomplish better results immediately.

During this session we will cover the following four areas:

1. Exploring why people fail to achieve their goals and how to avoid this failure cycle

2. Identifying and overcoming the four reasons for procrastination.

3. What it takes to make real changes to your life

4. How to use your mind to overcome the barriers that stop you from achieving your goals

At the end of the session you will be better equipped to understand what's holding you back and how to start taking action and keeping on track.

We meet for some networking/ socialising at 18:30 and the talk will begin at 19:00.

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