Join the Skoll Centre for a lunchtime conversation with Martin Chilcott, CEO and Founder of 2degrees. Martin’s experience in launching and running successful internet businesses in the late 1990s, convinced him that the global community was once more at the brink of systemic change – driven by the need to become sustainable.

Having witnessed the power of enterprise and digital technology to drive change once already, Martin was convinced business had to be at the heart of the sustainability revolution, and that web technologies would play a major role in accelerating the process. Unsurprisingly, 2degrees – the world's leading collaboration platform and service – was born. Since then, Martin has become a recognised speaker on how to make sustainable business happen, pioneering the concept of large scale, ‘fully-linked collaboration’ across value chains as a way to cut costs, reduce risks and impacts, and drive innovation. Acting as a catalyst for change, he helps business leaders in major global brands including Unilever, Asda Walmart, GSK and the Royal Bank of Scotland, to think differently about how to adopt the principles of sustainable business and use collaboration to transform the resilience, profitability and competitiveness of their operations and whole value chain.

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