Pitching your Story for Impact

Intended Audience All Research Staff of: MPLS Division

Are you thinking about future funding or about how you would sell your research to potential employers and possible industry partners? Would you like to be able to identify the greatest impact of your research and the widest and most promising range of possible end users and beneficiaries? Would you like to learn the skills of expert communicators to tell your story in a compelling and creative way that captures their attention and is memorable? InnovationWorks is running a pilot program to enable you to achieve all of the above. Using an innovation process, pioneered by Stanford, you will identify benefits for your research and possible end users; find potential end users and ‘pitch’ to them. You will be given a template for telling your story and guided on how to use their feedback, emotion and stories to bring your ‘pitch’ to life. Through practice you will become more skilled at selling yourself and your research on the spot. You will be able to make the most of any chance encounters to find new supporters for what you are doing and in so doing create greater impact for your research. https://weblearn.ox.ac.uk/course-signup/rest/course/4D004D101149

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