Jan 15 2018 18:00

In today's social media driven business world, standing out from the pack has become a real challenge. Even if you can build a successful online or Twitter following there is no guarantee that your skills or your proposition will be understood, and less so if it cannot be deciphered from a large set of search results. Employers and customers have neither the time or the patience.


‘Why are you different?’ is the cry or ‘Why should we buy from you?’

Oxford Technology and Media is delighted to welcome Nat Schooler, IBM Futurist, Podcaster, Writer & Brand Marketing Coach, to talk about personal and business branding in a simple and straightforward manner. Rather than get lost in the SEO results, Nat will discuss how you set about thinking about what you stand for, what your business means and how you can put simple but effective strategies in place to build a brand that is authentic and will last the test of time.

This event is free of charge for OTM members – contact us for more details if you don't have your special link for the free ticket. Non-members can attend for £30. (Amounts are subject to Eventbrite fees). The event will be held in the centre of Oxford at The Story Museum, 42 Pembroke St, OX1 1BP. Click here for directions.

6.00pm – Event Opens, Networking, Coffee & Refreshments
Buffet food and drinks will be available after the event
9pm – Close

For details, link here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/personal-business-branding-me-myself-and-irene-tickets-40029596601

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